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In 2014, British vocalist Dan Torres teamed up with renowned Brazilian musicians and producers PH Castanheira, Ricardo Marins and Sergio Melo to collaborate on their self-titled debut CD. They set to work on writing and arranging new material and within just a few months the album began to take shape.
Inspired by the classic English and American rock bands of the sixties and seventies, and influenced by the rich and diverse flavors of Brazilian music, the band drew upon their decades of experience to create a perfect blend of rock, blues, pop and soul.
            Recorded in their native city Rio de Janeiro and produced by band member PH Castanheira, the album was mixed by Latin Grammy award winning Brazilian sound engineer Walter Costa and mastered by the renowned Ricardo Garcia at Magic Master.
Released on November 3rd 2014, the CD consists of ten beautifully crafted tracks, all written, arranged and recorded by the band. From soulful ballads such as "Take Me Home" and "The Winter Of My Soul", to rock infused hits like "We're Not Alone" and "Into The Fire", Dan & The Underdogs is an album of the highest quality.

Available to buy on iTunes, Spotify, Deezer and all online stores!


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